Ep. 24 - One Crazy Idea and 2000 miles Later - Casey and Ryan Higginbotham

Think of all of the crazy ideas you had in your twenties, now imagine if you actually followed through on them. That’s what brothers Casey and Ryan Higginbotham did. They paddled over 2000 miles on their boards, not standup paddle boards by the way, from Alaska to the U.S./ Mexico border.

What’s more is that they didn’t have a big corporate sponsor or even a crowdfunding page. A few companies helped them out, but it was a trip planned and funded by the brothers for their own reasons. 

We talk about what those are as well as what their day-job is like, being professional lifeguards. Oh, and we don’t gloss over the less-glamorous details of thousands of miles of self supported adventure. That includes how the brothers got along with each other, what happens when you break a board and what you do when nature calls when you’re sealed up tight in a wetsuit. By the way, I don’t mean having to take a whiz.