Lynsey Dyer Drives Winter Clothing Donations For Standing Rock

The conflict at Standing Rock has been hard to ignore. With winter fast approaching, I have felt a strong urge to to help in some meaningful way. After talking to those near the situation, it has been made apparent that those on the ground need warm clothes and survival gear for the winter that is rapidly approaching. As a result, I will be rounding up as much gear as I can over the next few weeks and delivering it to those in need in North Dakota (road trip!). No matter what your take on the North Dakota Access Pipeline may be, I hope you can see this is a humanitarian effort, not a political effort, to help a group of people that really need it. If the past week has shown me anything, its that neighborliness and community matters now, more than ever. This is my effort to be a better neighbor, and be a more giving member of my community. I hope you all will join me in in supporting this cause. A cause rooted in love. 


To add, I'll also be looking for help. So...if you have some free time and can help round up old winter jackets, hats boots or pants let me know. Even better, you can make the drive with me and help "do a solid" for our brothers and sisters. 



Lynsey Dyer. 




*winter boots mens and women's (women's boots especially needed.)


*Protective eye wear






*cough drops and other health supplements as many folks have respiratory infections due to chemicals and cold.


Anything else that a person may need to stay alive among a North Dakota winter... (its cold. Like Jackson on top of the tram in January in a wind storm cold...)


Lynsey Dyer and Unicorn Picnic Release The "LightenUp" Series On Teton Gravity Research

Hello, World! We’re Unicorn Picnic (UP).

We’re an adventure squad from different walks of life committed to living the dream in the outdoors and sharing it. We’re a small team with individual skill sets collaborating to offer a fresh, female-driven perspective on content, gear, and adventures.

We believe in the relationship between being our best selves through going outside, breathing fresh air, and then taking action.

We aim to honor this community that lives for the outdoors and encourage more to join in by helping us all to "Lighten UP" (our new short form video series). This new series was shot without a lot of fancy cameras but a ton of heart to showcase a different side of skiing. A little less polished, but a little more relatable, and will hopefully put a smile on your face. After recent events we all could use it.

Two years have passed since the release of our all-female, community-funded documentary ski film Pretty Faces. We still get daily requests for a sequel, but for now, we're developing Unicorn School—shred trips to rad places with rad people. We're collaborating with partners to make the best gear to get outside with and continuing to create meaningful content. We hope you enjoy our new short-form series "Lighten UP."

Last winter we spent much of our season skiing and exploring the national parks for the KGB film Monumental, on tour now with Powder Productions. Shot with my GoPro, this is a look behind the scenes sharing what we athletes and filmers went through while winter camping in Yellowstone. We had a great time even though it was cold and we were dirty. We hope it lightens your day just a little.

We'd love to hear from you! Join us on a trip, purchase the film or other gear or partner with us for future content! We're real. We're fun. We're here.

-Love from Lynsey and the Unicorns